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A national leader since 1994 in creating, building and managing wetland mitigation banks.

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A Little About Us…

Since 1994, Land and Water Resources, Inc., in Rosemont, Illinois, has been a national leader in creating, building, and managing wetland mitigation banks. As one of the nation's first private mitigation bankers, LAWR received its first permit from the Corps and Illinois Department of Natural Resources in 1994 for the nationally-acclaimed Otter Creek Mitigation Bank in St. Charles, Illinois.

Currently LAWR and its affiliates operate permitted banks in Lake, Kane, Will, Rock Island and Winnebago counties in Illinois; and in Weld County, Colorado. The service area for the Rock Island County bank includes portions of Iowa and Illinois.

LAWR earned its proven track record by building strategic partnerships with landowners, engineers, contractors, and restoration ecologists.

Land and Water Resources, Inc.

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Why Mitigation Banking?

Three reasons why wetland mitigation banking can be the smart choice for you.

1. It's Easy

By purchasing credits in a wetland mitigation bank, you cut through the red tape and hassles associated with designing, permitting, constructing, maintaining, and monitoring your own wetland mitigation. You're in the business of building homes, industries, or roads. Do you really want to get into the business of wetlands? Wetlands are the only thing we build! Purchasing credits is simple. In tandem with your Section 404 permit application to the Corps, you'll authorize Land and Water Resources, Inc. to assume responsibility for your wetland mitigation. If your Section 404 is granted, LAWR will notify the Corps that you have purchased credits in a LAWR wetland mitigation bank and the legal responsibility for the success of the wetlands is transferred to LAWR.

2. It's cost effective

When you purchase credits in a wetland mitigation bank, you solve all your mitigation needs with a single check. There are no hidden or extra costs that you might accrue through on-site mitigation ( e.g. replanting costs, extra monitoring and maintenance costs, or project delays). Plus, LAWR carries all the risk and responsibility to maintain, monitor, and meet the Corps' stringent performance standards. We believe you'll find that the price per acre of credit is competitive to on-site mitigation. When you enter into an agreement with LAWR you'll know up front what all your costs will be.

3. It's environmentally sound

Because this bank is a large-scale restoration effort, the wetlands are of higher quality than many small, isolated, on-site mitigation projects. Thus, the wetlands which LAWR creates are able to store floodwaters, purify water, and provide important wildlife habitat. A wetland mitigation bank contains wetlands that already have been created or restored prior to any impacts to other wetlands. The Corps of Engineers has approved the LAWR wetland mitigation banks for use in compensating for impacts to forested, emergent, or wet prairie wetland communities.

Land and Water Resources, Inc.

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