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Squaw Creek

Squaw Creek Wetland Mitigation Bank

123.06 acres restored, 103.54 mitigation credits

Wetland Banker:

Wetland Mitigation of Illinois (WMI)

Land Owner:

Lakewood Homes (Phase D,E,F) and Neumann Homes (Phase A)

USACOE Permit 200101240

Land and Water Resources, Inc. teamed up with Ecologic Planning to form Wetland Mitigation of Illinois (WMI). WMI partnered with Lakewood Homes and Neumann Homes to create a wetland bank in the floodplain of Squaw Creek a tributary to the Fox River. WMI was responsible for all aspects of the bank from conception, development, financing, permitting, construction, operation, and sales. The project was permitted as 6 phases. Lakewood Homes and Neumann Homes each provided land. Total land area of Phases A, D, E and F is 115.9 acres

The site, prior to permitting, was a series of farm field with extensive hydric soils and field tiles and drainage ditches in the Squaw Creek floodplain. Squaw Creek is a channelized agricultural drainage ditch. WMI broke field tiles, filled ditches, regraded, and then seeded the site in 2003 and 2004. In 2006 additional grading work was done on a portion of the site which had not re-hydrated.

The landowner utilized the upland adjacent to the project to construct a residential subdivision. LAWR was able to create and sell 103.54 acres of wetland mitigation credit in Phases A, D, E and F to offset wetland impact.

Management activities at the site included aggressive herbiciding of invasive species, mowing and burning.