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Red Wing Slough

Red Wing Slough Wetland Mitigation Bank

109 acres restored, 46.38 mitigation credits

Wetland Banker: Wetland Mitigation of Illinois (WMI)

Land Owner: Wetland Mitigation of Illinois (WMI)

Long Term Manager and Land Owner: Illinois Department of Natural Resources

Brad Semel
110 James Road
Spring Grove, IL 60081

USACOE Permit 200300490

Status: Fully Built, Met Final Performance for

AMCE & All Credits Released

Land and Water Resources, Inc. teamed up with Ecologic Planning to form Wetland Mitigation of Illinois (WMI). WMI and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources partnered to purchase a 110 acre farm adjacent to the Redwing Slough, a state nature preserve. IDNR purchased 62.8 acres which consisted of the upland portions of the field, and WMI purchased the 47.5 acres of hydric soil portions of the field, thus reducing the overall price the state had to pay for the property. WMI was responsible for all aspects of the bank from conception, development, financing, permitting, construction, operation, and sales.

The site, prior to permitting, was a farm field with extensive hydric soils and field tiles in the DesPlaines River watershed. WMI broke field tiles, created a couple of small berms across some drainage ways and then seeded the site in 2004. Management activities at the site included aggressive herbiciding of invasive species, mowing and burning. At the end of the project WMI will donate the land to IDNR, thus adding to the extent of the Redwing Slough landholdings. WMI was able to create and sell 46.4 acres of wetland mitigation credits to offset wetland impact.